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Health categories

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Disclaimer: Data on EPA AirWatch comes directly from our air monitoring stations using various types of monitoring equipment and methods. This data may be adjusted later according to set criteria to account for instrument errors, power interruptions and other technical issues.

Siting: EPA aims to locate our ambient monitoring stations so they give a good representation of the air quality experienced by the public. As most of the Victorian population lives and works close to roads, most of our stations are in population centres next to roads. This can mean we do not always comply with one of the requirements of the Australian Standard for siting (AS 3580.1.1), which specifies that air monitoring stations should be more than 50 metres away from a road. Currently, Footscray is the only EPA air monitoring site that meets this requirement.

Current notices

  • The EPA AirWatch map is not displaying current data due to technical difficulties. EPA is currently investigating and current data can be found on the hourly air quality data table (10 December 2016).

  • Richmond: EPA is looking for a new site for its Richmond air monitoring due to problems with access at its existing location. Interim monitoring equipment will soon be installed in a location near Melbourne’s CBD to monitor PM2.5. Until the new location is confirmed, air monitoring data from Richmond will not appear on EPA’s AirWatch website. (16 September 2016)

  • Box Hill and Brighton: EPA is improving its air monitoring network to enable it to measure air quality beyond Melbourne, Geelong and the Latrobe Valley. To give EPA’s network more coverage, we have removed ozone and visibility equipment from the Box Hill and Brighton monitoring stations for use in other areas; however both stations will continue to monitor small particles known as PM2.5, a key indicator of air quality. (12 August 2016).

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