Ecological Footprint

Please note that this website will be shut down in early 2014. You can find other ecological footprint calculators at the Global Footprint Network and the WWF-Australia websites.

People often get disillusioned by sustainability, saying it is too complicated to understand, when in actual fact it is really quite simple. Think of it this way: every human activity consumes resources from the planet and produces waste that the planet must then deal with. We can even measure how close we are to a sustainable society. This is where the Ecological Footprint has a major role to play. In fact, we are all bound to our planet's environment and natural resources through our Ecological Footprint.

By exploring our Ecological Footprint pages, you can find out about Ecological Footprint, what Australia's Footprint looks like in comparison to the rest of the world, and how you can calculate your own Ecological Footprint (or that of your home, office, school, retail, or event). You can also learn more about how the Ecological Footprint has come about, how it works, how it has been used here in Victoria, and get linked to the broader Footprint community around the world.

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