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Building by the book in Bendigo

11 Nov 2016

A multi-regulator blitz on builders and construction and demolition sites in Bendigo has found operators are aware of their obligations and complying with the law.

Conducted last month, the week-long blitz on more than 120 domestic builders and commercial and industrial building sites saw the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), WorkSafe Victoria, Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV), Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) work together to launch Build Aware.

Build Aware focused on providing on-the-spot advice to the sector and enforcing compliance with Victoria’s building, construction, environment, plumbing and OH&S laws and regulations.

VBA Director of Enquiries and Dispute Resolution Murray Smith said the results were positive.

“Overall the majority of builders and construction sites inspected had no areas of high or significant non-compliance,” he said.

“Areas of concern were either alterations or extensions to current buildings and the construction of swimming pools. Home owners are reminded that even during construction it is important that swimming pools are compliant with relevant laws.

“In particular, temporary fencing protects people from inadvertently falling into a pool, which could cause injury or drowning. The risk of backyard child drownings is ever present, so to prevent this type of tragedy it is vital pools are correctly fenced and compliant.”          

EPA Executive Director of Regulatory Practice & Strategy, Chris Webb said Build Aware was designed to provide greater industry awareness of each regulator’s role and to improve information sharing between agencies.

“While EPA officers didn’t detect any significant areas of concern or non-compliance, the inspections gave staff the opportunity to discuss the management of asbestos and the legal requirements around the transport and disposal of industrial waste,” Mr Webb said.

CAV said the builders inspected were generally found to be compliant with the domestic building contract laws.

Bendigo was selected as the first destination for the program because it is a leading regional centre with a strong construction base.


  • VBA Craig Little 9618 9316
  • CAV Ben Radisich 8684 8340 
  • EPA 9695 2704                                                            
  • ESV Michelle Robertson 0408 634 833
  • WorkSafe Peter Flaherty 9641 1216

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