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Court upholds noisy vehicle fine

17 Nov 2016

A court has upheld Environment Protection Authority Victoria’s (EPA) decision to fine a Broadmeadows woman for exceeding vehicle noise limits.

The Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court has ruled the woman must pay nearly $800 after her noisy Holden Commodore was pulled over in Campbellfield during a joint blitz with Victoria Police.

When EPA officers tested the vehicle they found it exceeded the legal noise limit, with the likely cause being an aftermarket exhaust system fitted to the vehicle.

Under the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the EP Act) it is an offence against the registered owner or driver of a vehicle for it to exceed prescribed noise standards.

The woman was issued with a notice to obtain a Certificate of Compliance from an approved noise tester, and make whatever repairs were needed to be within legal noise limits.

The matter landed in court when she challenged a $758 fine issued by EPA over the offence.

EPA Regulatory Practice and Strategy Executive Director, Chris Webb said the court’s decision reinforced the seriousness of noise pollution and the importance of EPA’s monitoring program.

“EPA officers regularly join Victoria Police on roadside operations and this decision shows the community can have confidence in our continued efforts to target noisy vehicles,” Mr Webb said.

“There’s no excuse for ignoring noise standards when modifying your vehicle, or for failing to maintain your vehicle to the extent that it becomes a community nuisance,” he said.

The woman was also ordered by the court to be on good behaviour for 12 months.

Mr Webb said that everyone issued with a noisy vehicle fine had the right to request that EPA review the matter or to have it determined in court, and on this occasion the infringement was upheld.

Last financial year, EPA issued almost 1,000 Victorian drivers with notices requiring them to get their noisy vehicles tested and make repairs to ensure they comply with the law.

From 1 July 2016, fines for exceeding noise limits are $777 for individuals and $1,554 for a company car.

The offending Holden Commodore pulled over in Campbellfield Photo: The offending Holden Commodore being tested by an EPA officer in Campbellfield.

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