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EPA fines Park Orchards company $7773

30 Jan 2017

EPA has fined Monax International Group Pty Ltd, the owner of a Park Orchards property on Stintons Road, $7,773 for failing to provide an assessment report of soil contaminated with waste at its site.

The report, that was a requirement of an EPA notice, also asked the company to categorise the soil and provide recommendations on its disposal.

EPA Metropolitan Manager Daniel Hunt said an inspection of the Park Orchards site was triggered following an emergency incident response by the Country Fire Authority and EPA when burning waste was reported at the site.

“EPA received advice that a person living at the property was burning waste and once on site EPA officers found a stockpile of contaminated soil that the landowner was not licensed to store,” Mr Hunt said.

Mr Hunt said EPA issued the person living at the site with a notice that required them to remove all of the soil from the site and to cease accepting and burning industrial waste; subsequently, EPA required Monax International to undertake an assessment of the soil.

“The company has shown complete disregard to the EPA requirement to assess the soil, which is why the fine of $7,773 has been handed down,” Mr Hunt said.

“Continued failure by the company to comply with this requirement could see it fined up to $777,300 if prosecuted before the courts.”

Mr Hunt said the fine should serve as a reminder to all businesses to comply with EPA notice requirements and to ensure contaminated soil was disposed of appropriately.

The company has now ceased accepting and burning industrial waste.

EPA encourages members of the public to continue reporting suspected pollution to EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) or at

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