Who we are

Organisation structure

EPA’s role is to be an effective environmental regulator and an influential authority on environmental impacts.

EPA’s strategic priorities show what we will focus on and what we need to excel at in order to achieve our environmental outcomes:

  • deal with past pollution
  • tackle current environmental issues
  • shape the environmental future.

EPA’s corporate structure is designed to allow us to deliver on our 5 year plan commitments.

The EPA corporate structure (GIF image 44KB; PDF 144KB; text description) is divided into four directorates and one office:

Regional Services

  • Drives environmental improvement and adherence to law, through exercising all aspects of the regulatory model in providing constructive compliance and enforcement.
  • Delivers proactive strategic work programs, and responds in accordance with priorities, set through the annual planning process and based on the 5 year plan objectives.
  • Actively drives continuous improvement programs to build our regulatory capability and the aspiration to deliver on our promise as a modern regulator.
  • Seeks to deliver a consistent regulatory experience to business and the community across the state through application of compliance and enforcement policy.
  • Actively creates programs to support the ongoing development of a constructive culture.
  • Responds to organisational initiatives in an efficient manner.

Regulatory Practice & Strategy

  • Develops and oversees the implementation of strategies to tackle defined environmental issues which then help direct EPA’s operational activities.
  • Leads the organisation in its reform and improvement of operational processes and systems.
  • Is a key support to the operational arms of the organisation.
  • Delivers various EPA regulatory programs.
  • Responsible for the oversight and quality of the environmental audit program and for driving the contaminated land strategy.
  • Cultivates relationships that support stakeholders to achieve regulatory and environmental outcomes through partnerships, education and funding programs.

Knowledge, Standards & Assessments

  • Develops and reviews Victorian environmental standards and helps people understand these standards by offering guidance.
  • Administers EPA’s approvals and licensing function to drive best practice in industry.
  • Monitors and reports on what’s happening in the environment, to inform EPA’s strategic, policy and regulatory decisions.
  • Supports frontline EPA staff with robust applied science advice, so they can make strong decisions..
  • Ensures EPA has the best applied science capability to deliver our strategic plans.
  • Provides monitoring support for major incidents to ensure critical decisions are underpinned with good science. 

Corporate Services

  • Sets a strong business foundation and enables the operation of EPA and the delivery of EPA objectives.
  • Builds, maintains and continually improves our corporate capabilities.
  • Provides support and advice to shape and drive organisational efficiency, strategy and change.
  • Supports enterprise-wide governance.
  • Better enables Victorians to comply with environmental laws through media, marketing and communications.
  • Provides customers with accessible, accurate and timely information and pollution reporting services.
  • Delivers programs and services to our people to ensure EPA has the right people at the right time, with the right skills and attributes – and we remain a great place to work. 

Office of the Chairman and CEO

  • Supports the chairman and CEO roles.
  • Provides strategic and operational advice to the chairman and CEO.
  • Manages ministerial, chairman and CEO correspondence and briefings.
  • Represents the interests of the chairman and CEO internally.
  • Works with minister’s office, and manage other key government relationships.

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Page last updated on 11 Jun 2015