Air quality – Latrobe Valley mine fire

Air quality in the Latrobe Valley

We are no longer publishing forecasts of the expected air quality in Morwell and surrounding towns. Statewide air quality forecasts, and notifications of significant smoke impacts on major populated areas, appear on our home page under ‘Environmental monitoring’.

Please note: We are experiencing technical problems with some of the air monitoring equipment where data is not displaying. We are working to resolve the issue.

Hourly air quality bulletin

This bulletin is updated hourly with information calculated on data readings averaged over eight hours for carbon monoxide, 24 hours for PM2.5 and one hour for PM10.

Update 28 February 2014: EPA has changed the way some of our data (including CO and SO2) is displayed in the air quality table. It is possible for small negative CO concentrations to be measured occasionally. This situation can occur when the pollution level is extremely low (i.e. the air is very clean). EPA is now treating all negatives as 0 for purposes of this web display. 

When showing the air quality index values, each figure in the table is a percentage of the target for the respective indicator.

What do the ratings mean?

Very good (blue): Levels of pollution well below the air quality standard 

Good (green): Below the air quality standard 

Fair (yellow): Close to the air quality standard 

Poor (red): Above air quality standard 

Very poor (black): Significantly above the air quality standard

Not sampled (grey): No measurement is available, either because no instrument is installed at this location or because an instrument is temporarily out of action. 

What do I do to protect myself when it is Poor (red) or Very poor (black)? 

When the air quality is either red or black in the summary it means that the levels of pollution have exceeded the air quality standard. EPA recommends that you follow the advice we give to protect yourself from bushfire smoke.

Page last updated on 21 Apr 2014