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Please note that current data may not be shown for some air quality monitoring stations. Measurements are made continuously at air monitoring stations, but there may be temporary technical issues with the collection and display of data.

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Box Hill
Altona North
Pt. Cook
Geelong Sth.
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1) Hold your mouse over any colored dot on the map to view the station name.

2) Click on a station dot to view the Air Quality Index for that station, which will then appear in this box.

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View hourly air quality data as a table.

Map Legend

Not available
Not enough data is available to calculate a pollutant index.

Station offline
No data is available from this station temporarily.


This page is updated hourly. Data for a given hour are available at 30 minutes after the following hour. For example, data for 9 am-10 am is available at 10.30 am.


Disclaimer: The data used to compile EPA air quality bulletins come directly from EPA's air monitoring stations. These data may be adjusted at a later time through a standardised procedure to allow for instrument errors; power interruptions and the like.