EPA air quality hourly update: October 21, 2016 8.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Please note that current data may not be shown for some air quality monitoring stations. Measurements are made continuously at air monitoring stations, but there may be temporary technical issues with the collection and display of data.

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 Data readingsAir quality index
RegionStationCarbon MonoxideOzoneNitrogen DioxideSulfur DioxideParticles as PM2.5Particles as PM10Visibility Reduction AQI Summary
EASTAlphington0.322304.49.20.4720VERY GOOD
Box Hill0.0 N/A
Brighton0.0 N/A
Dandenong190.06.00.3416VERY GOOD
Mooroolbark1.96.80.4117VERY GOOD
WESTAltona North2510.921VERY GOOD
Brooklyn5.10.2912VERY GOOD
Footscray0.26213.818VERY GOOD
Melton0.0 N/A
Pt. Cook0.00.2912VERY GOOD
GEELONGGeelong Sth.0.214804.48.90.3918VERY GOOD
LATROBE VALLEYMorwell Sth.0.123400.2323VERY GOOD
Morwell East0.130.2310VERY GOOD
Traralgon0.12234.90.3922VERY GOOD
Churchill0.94VERY GOOD

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Disclaimer: Data on EPA AirWatch comes directly from our air monitoring stations. We use various types of monitoring equipment and methods. To meet national accreditation standards, this data may be adjusted later to allow for instrument errors, power interruptions and other technical issues.