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  • Do I need a permit to transport waste? If you are transporting prescribed industrial waste (PIW) for a fee or reward you must have a permit for the vehicle regardless of the quantity. To identify whether the waste is PIW please refer to the Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines.
  • If transporting asbestos or designated waste (liquid 30XY) to/from a temporary storage site that is covered by Regulation 12 (1)(d) or (e) of the Scheduled Premises Regulations 2017, do I need a waste transport certificate?

    Yes, the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009 require prescribed industrial waste (PIW) to be transported in permitted vehicles and using waste transport certificates.

    To enable the temporary storage of asbestos or designated waste (liquid 30XY) at an unlicensed site, the occupier must register the premises as a temporary storage site on EPA's website portal. This will enable waste transport certificates to be completed (as required by the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009).

    The material must be legally transported to and from the temporary storage site.

  • If I am transporting my own waste do I need a permit? A waste transporter transporting PIW, for no fee or reward, where the net load is less than 50 kilograms or litres, is exempted from the requirement to hold a permit.
  • How do I apply for a new permit?

    The application form for vehicle permits can be downloaded and printed out from the EPA webpage.

    The application form must be filled in, scanned and emailed as a PDF document along with 3 photos (JPEG format) showing front, back and side view of vehicle, to EPA will acknowledge receipt of the application and advise the value of the fee.

    See guidance on how to apply.


  • How long does it take to obtain a new permit? EPA must issue the permit or reject the application within 21 days of receipt.
  • Do I need driver training to obtain a vehicle permit?

    Only drivers who have undertaken training provided by the Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA) can drive the vehicle. The VWMA can be contacted through their VWMA or by phone 03 9646 8590.

  • How do I set up my vehicle to transport prescribed industrial waste?

    The EPA has 3 guidelines on vehicle standards (see here) which describe the minimum vehicle requirements applicable to each vehicle type. This document shows examples of vehicles suitable to transport PIW and how photos should be taken. Further information can be sought from the Victorian Waste Management Association.

  • Where can I dispose of prescribed industrial waste? Facilities licensed by EPA to dispose of waste can be found on the EPA website.
  • Where can I dispose of industrial wastewater inert sludges and slurries?

    Waste effluent discharges into the environment are subject to works approvals and licensing.  An exemption from these statutory processes is provided where an effluent reuse scheme meets EPA specifications. Further information can be found in the  Industrial Water Reuse (publication IWRG632) .

  • Where do I find the waste codes for a given prescribed industrial waste? Waste codes are described in the EPA publication Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines Waste Codes (publication IWRG822.2).
  • Can I transfer my permit to a new vehicle? No you must submit a new permit application for the new vehicle.
  • If there is a change to the vehicle registration number, waste codes or business name, what do I do?

    You must submit an application to amend your permit. The application should be emailed to EPA will acknowledge receipt of the application and advise the value of the fee.

  • What happens if my vehicle is sold?

    The permit can be transferred to the new vehicle owner by submitting an application to transfer the permit. Email the application to EPA will acknowledge receipt of the application and advise the value of the fee.

    Alternatively you can surrender your permit by advising EPA in writing. You will be advised of the cancellation of the permit and if a pro-rata refund is applicable. EPA must process the transfer within 21 days. The pro-rata refund is processed within 30 days.

  • How do I obtain a replacement permit document or sticker? Send a request by email to EPA will process the request and mail the permit sticker within 7 days.
  • How do I purchase waste transport certificates?

    There are both hardcopy and electronic waste transport certificates available. Enquiries and purchases can be made by calling EPA Customer Support on 1300 372 842.

  • What is an accredited agent? An accredited agent is a person or company authorised by EPA Victoria to carry out certain functions on behalf of a waste producer. Further information can be found here.
  • How do I obtain accredited agent authorisation? Email your completed application to EPA will acknowledge receipt of the application and process the application within 21 days. There is no fee applicable; however, the transporter must satisfy the requirements.
  • If I am transporting waste across state borders do I need special approval?

    You must obtain a consignment authorisation from the environment protection agency in the receiving state prior to the movement of prescribed industrial waste. There are also requirements, under the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009 for the movement of non-liquid PIW (solids and sludges) to another state or territory from Victoria.

  • If I am sending waste overseas do I need special approval? Yes, a permit must be obtained from the Department of Environment, Canberra,  ACT on 1800 803 772

Page last updated on 30 May 2017