Ecological Footprint documentary film with Mathis Wackernagel

EPA worked with Global Footprint Network to develop a documentary film about Ecological Footprint. This resource, "The Ecological Footprint: Accounting for a Small Planet", is available for download in Windows Media file format or as a DVD.

Download The Ecological Footprint: Accounting for a Small Planet (Windows Media file, 89,967KB or 90MB, duration of film is 32min 18sec)

Alternatively, to order a copy of the full DVD, please send an email with your request.

The individual chapters that make up "The Ecological Footprint: Accounting for a Small Planet" are also available for download.

Windows Media movie clip files

Chapter title Duration of clip (min:sec)
01- Why Resource Accounting? (4,547KB or 4.5MB) 1:37
02 - What the Footprint Measures (3,532KB or 3.5MB) 1:15
03 - Balancing Supply and Demand (2,673KB or 2.7MB) 0:56
04 - Supply (Biocapacity) (11,532KB or 11.5MB) 4:05
05 - Demand (Ecological Footprint) (6,863KB or 6.9MB) 2:26
06 - Overshoot (Exceeding Ecological Limits) (9,723KB or 9.7MB) 3:28
07 - Calculating the Footprint (9,737KB or 9.7MB) 3:28
08 - High vs. Low Income Countries (3,146KB or 3.1MB) 0:45
09 - Footprint of Nations (4,792KB or 4.8MB) 1:42
10 - The Funnel (9,773KB or 9.8MB) 3:29
11- Examples: Footprint Applications (7,553KB or 7.6MB) 2:41
12 - Global Footprint Network (5,042KB or 5.0MB) 0:39
13 - Opportunities (4,645KB or 4.6MB) 1:39
14 - Conclusion by former Minister Thwaites (2,794KB or 2.8MB) 1:00
15 - Credits/Contact Info (3,005KB or 3.0MB) 1:29