Welcome to the School Calculator

EPA’s  Ecological Footprint Calculator for schools is designed to calculate the Ecological Footprint of your school based on data you provide. The calculator helps students, teachers and administrators reduce their school’s Ecological Footprint by:

  • highlighting the main impacts associated with education/ operating a school
  • helping to identify actions to avoid and reduce the impacts
  • helping educate and communicate staff and students on the concept of Ecological Footprint and one planet living.

Schools can use their Ecological Footprint measurement as a component of the core module accrediation of the AuSSI program.

Link to teacher resources on EPA Students pages

The School Calculator allows you to access your data via email. Simply forward the results to yourself or another person via email. When connected to the Internet, this email link reopens your Footprint data. You can then update or edit your inputs to achieve a more accurate result then send the link to your email address again to save the edited data.

Estimated completion time: 25 mins (excluding data collection)

Download the School Checklist to help collect and collate data before completing the calculation. Energy & Water and Travel Helpsheets within the Schools Checklist will also help you collect data.

Please contact us to send us queries, comments, suggestions, tips, and/or to report any difficulties with the use of any of the calculators.



The results shown by the calculator are an approximate guide and should only be used for estimating the Ecological Footprint or greenhouse gas emissions of your activity. The calculator should be used as a guide only and not as a substitute for formal professional advice.