Ecological Footprint case studies

View the following case studies to learn how the Ecological Footprint tool has been used in different ways - and across sectors - in Victoria.

Would you like to show how you are using Ecological Footprint to communicate about, and take action towards, a more sustainable way of living? EPA is continuing to develop other case studies for this website. We are interested in hearing about how you have used the Ecological Footprint in any way, or if you have calculated your home, organisation, school, event or commercial property's Footprint. Please send an email to register your interest in being featured. Information you provide will be confidential unless you have agreed to post it on this website.

Ecological Footprint has also been applied internationally, with many learnings relevant to Victoria and Australia. See Global Footprint Network's case stories. For UK examples visit Ecological Footprints, the journey so far.

Please contact us to ask questions and report any difficulties with any of the Footprint calculators.