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Campaign overview: A cleaner Victoria is in your hands

EPA Victoria is running a statewide litter campaign – ‘A cleaner Victoria is in your hands’ – to educate and inform all Victorians about the impact of litter on water and land and to encourage everyone to report incidents of litter. More than ever, EPA is focusing on the littering of cigarette butts on our roadsides, rivers and beaches.

EPA has made it easier for Victorians to report litter thrown from motor vehicles. Litter can be reported via our website, their new 'Report Litter' mobile app (available from the iTunes App Store and Google Play), over the phone and by mail.

All Victorians can play a major part in this effort to stop litter where it starts by reporting litter thrown from a motor vehicle to EPA. EPA can then issue an Infringement Notice, with fines ranging from $295 for an unlit cigarette or small piece of rubbish to $590 for a lit cigarette.

The effects of litter on our environment are widespread. Every year approximately 25 bushfires in Victoria’s parks and forests are started as a result of discarded butts, while 14,560 tonnes of litter is generated by Victorians annually, costing the community around $80 million in cleanup costs.

Every Victorian can make a difference.

Help stop litter where it starts

We are inviting local councils throughout Victoria to get involved and encourage residents to stop litter in their local community by making our campaign materials available for use. Some of the campaign materials can be personalised for your region, city or town and all campaign materials are free of charge.

By supporting the litter campaign councils can leverage off the statewide campaign and reinforce the message in their local area to stop litter where it starts. The campaign is designed to create awareness about the impact of litter and inspire individuals and communities to protect their local environment by reporting litterers, who can face hefty fines.

How to get involved

If you would like to get involved in the campaign and access the council materials or for more information, please contact the Marketing and Communications Unit at

Campaign materials available

The following campaign materials are available for council use.

  • Posters (A2 and A3)
  • Corflute signage
  • Online banners
  • Social media content
  • Media release template
  • Press ad
  • Video

Please see below for more information on each item.

Council signage, posters and printed materials

Councils can order the following campaign material:

  • Localised A2 posters full colour (10 x copies per pack)
  • Localised A3 posters full colour (10 x copies per pack)
  • Corflute sign, full colour with cable ties 1000mm x 500mm (2 signs per pack)


Digital banners

We have developed online banners for council websites and electronic direct mail. These banners are available to download in the following sizes:

  • 300 x 250
  • 300 x 600
  • 175 x 225
  • 188 x 272
  • 560 x 72

Digital banners cannot be customised.

Social media

We have developed a range of content for posting on social media. The content includes key statistics around littering and the impact on the environment left by cigarette butts and messages around bushfire danger.

We will provide a suite of ready-to-post digital images (formatted and sized to suit posting on Facebook or Twitter). We can also provide guidance on how to respond to any social media enquiries. Please contact us at


We have prepared a media release for individual councils to promote their involvement in the litter campaign to local media and in their local community.

For assistance with campaign-related media enquiries, contact

Press advertisement

We have prepared a press advertisement for use in local newspapers. The press advertisement cannot be customised.


We can provide councils with a campaign video relating to the harmful impact of cigarette butts for use on your website or social media.

Page last updated on 16 Feb 2018