Compliance and enforcement

Fees and penalties

The value of fee and penalty units is set by the Treasurer of Victoria for each financial year. Current and future fee and penalty unit values can be accessed at the Department of Treasury and Finance’s Indexation of fees and penalties web page (DTF website).

The values for the 2017–18 financial year were gazetted (Victoria Government Gazette Number 13; PDF 4.4MB) on 30 March 2017 and are as follows:

  • One fee unit – $14.22.
  • One penalty unit – $158.57.

The schedule of fees for the majority of EPA-administered licences and approvals is prescribed under the Environment Protection (Fees) Regulations 2012. This includes fees for:

Application fees do not include GST. EPA does not issue invoices for application fees.

Fees for approvals

Approval type Fee for 2017–18
Works approval

The greater of:

  • 1% of the total estimated cost of capital works in a works approval
  • 81.83 Fee Units  ($1163.60)

The maximum fee payable is 4500 fee units ($63,990)

Works approval exemption

No fee

Research, development and demonstration approval

60 fee units ($853.20)

Licensing (long-route licence)

See works approval fee above.

Licence amendment

The lesser of:

  • 10% of the current annual licence fee
  • 85 fee units ($1208.70)

Licence transfer

The lesser of:

  • 10% of the current annual licence fee
  • 35 fee units ($497.70)

Fees for transport of prescribed industrial waste (PIW)

Type or class of prescribed waste

Less than 1.5 tonnes

Fee units (fees)

Equal to or more than 1.5 tonnes but less than 30 tonnes

Fee units (fee)

30 tonnes or more

Fee units (fee)

1. Putrescible organic wastes or inert sludges or slurries, clinical and related wastes (R100, K100, K120, K200, T130 only).







2.  Prescribed waste not specified elsewhere in this table (all other waste codes).







3. Prescribed waste which is explosive, flammable or highly reactive (G100–G160, E100–E130 only).







How to pay

By cheque

Mail cheques, payable to ‘Environment Protection Authority’, to:

Attention Accounts Payable
GPO Box 4395
Victoria 3001

Over the phone

To pay by credit card, call 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).

By direct debit

Email for bank details and requirements.

In person

Pay in cash or by cheque or credit card at any EPA office.

Page last updated on 30 Jun 2017