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Clayton South, Clarinda and Dingley Village odours

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EPA knows the odour being experienced by residents is not acceptable and we are working hard to address the issues. EPA regularly inspects landfills and meets with landfill operators to address odour issues in the City of Kingston.

Since November 2010, we have issued 29 pollution abatement notices to sites in the area, requiring them to address odour impacts on the community. We have also issued several penalty infringement notices carrying penalties of $7000. See all of EPA's statutory notices, directions and enforcement on this issue. 

Cold weather

Cold weather traditionally causes an increase in odour reports as rain reduces the effectiveness of gas extraction systems. Still conditions during the day, followed by cold, still nights, can also cause the gas to become trapped and accumulate close to the ground instead of dissipating into the atmosphere.

Clayton Regional Landfill

As a result of the identified landfill gas issues at Clayton Regional Landfill, EPA has fined Boroondara City Council more than $7500 for breaching a condition of its licence. 

The three pollution abatement notices (PANs) that were issued in relation to the landfill gas issues are still in place and the operator is progressing with works in relation to the notices.

Dingley odour reports

During September 2015, EPA has noticed an increase in odour reports from the Dingley Village area. In response to these reports we recently conducted a site inspection of the Enviromix Composting Facility.  The site is currently in compliance with the EPA licence and is not believed to be a current source of odour.

Transpacific Cleanaway

On 9 September 2015 EPA issued Transpacific Cleanaway P/L (TCP) an official warning in relation to the former landfill site on the corner of Clayton Road and Ryans Road, Clayton South. The official warning was for failure to provide a report by the due date of an amended post closure pollution abatement notice for the site.

Kingston City Council planning amendment proposal

Kingston City Council has proposed an amendment to the planning scheme in the area. Among other changes, Amendment C143 includes rezoning land outside the urban growth boundary north of Kingston and Heatherton Roads. EPA provided a submission to the planning panel on 20 March 2015. See the Kingston City Council website for more information.

Pollution reports from the Kingston City Council community

Odour reports from Kingston City Council from January 2014 to September 2015

History of odours in the area

In recent years odour pollution has become an issue in Clayton South, Clarinda and Dingley Village. From the 1890s, much of Clayton South was used for sand quarrying; by the 1960s landfilling had become widespread.

There are six landfills (view on map below) licensed to operate in Clayton and Dingley. While there has been improvement in the management of landfills over the years, odour from these landfills continues to be an issue for local residents. It is expected that these landfills will continue to operate and accept waste for approximately two to three years.

There are also two green waste facilities in the area, one of which is licensed to undertake composting.


View the licences for each site as well as the types of waste expected for each site. View the area’s landfills (PDF 1.94MB).

Community events: Clayton and Dingley Waste Forum

Clayton and Dingley Waste forums are led by local waste operators with EPA present to update on our activities. We encourage you to attend as this is an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered. 

The next public waste forum:

Date: Tuesday, 20 October 2015 
Time: 6 pm  
Location: ‘Balook’ Learning Centre, Westall Secondary College, 88 Rosebank Ave, Clayton South

See the Clayton and Dingley Waste Forum website for more information about community events.

How you can help

Continue to report if you're affected by odour pollution. Odour is best reported via EPAs 24-hour pollution hotline 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) - make sure you call the hotline as soon as you smell it.

EPA officers need to respond to odour reports as they are reported, so delaying your call, lodging it online or emailing us wont give officers the best chance of verifying your report.

The odour needs to be strong and persist for more than a few minutes and reporters should try to accurately describe the characteristics of the odour as well as weather conditions, particularly wind strength and direction. This information will give our offices the best chance of tracking an odour to its source.

If you would like better understand what happens when a pollution report has been made to EPA view the publication How EPA responds to reports of pollution.

Transpacific operates several landfills in the Clayton area. It also has a 24/7 hotline service for concerned residents. All calls are registered with an operator and followed up with a return call within 24 hours.

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