Monitoring the environment

EPA AirWatch

EPA AirWatch is a map that shows air quality information measured by EPA’s air monitoring stations around Victoria.

To get the most from EPA AirWatch, we recommend you first visit About EPA AirWatch. Air monitoring information is also available at the hourly air quality data table

On occasion, data may not show on the map below for a variety of reasons, such as monitoring station maintenance, equipment breakdown or website issues. See current notices below.

EPA AirWatch key

Air quality index categories

AQI very good air quality Very good air quality   AQI good air quality Good air quality   AQI fair air quality Fair air quality   AQI poor air quality Poor air quality   AQI very poor air quality Very poor air quality

Health categories

Health unhealthy for sensitive groups Unhealthy for sensitive groups   Health unhealthy all Unhealthy all   Health very unhealthy all Very unhealthy all   Health hazardous Hazardous  Health hazardous extreme Hazardous extreme

Disclaimer: The data used to compile EPA AirWatch come directly from EPA's air monitoring stations. This data may be adjusted at a later time as part of our quality management system to allow for instrument errors, power interruptions and other technical issues.

Current notices

  • EPA AirWatch, launched in January 2016, was developed to provide accurate and easily accessible air quality information to the community. While air quality data collected from EPA’s monitoring stations is correct, we are working to fix minor faults with how some data is displayed. EPA is continually monitoring this page to ensure viewers are notified about any specific faults of concern. Air monitoring information is also available at the hourly air quality data table.
  • EPA is tracking elevated levels of PM2.5 in the North East region around Wangaratta. These particles are due to smoke from planned burns in the area and are expected to remain elevated for the next few days. For further information, see (13 April 2016) 
  • Poor air quality is likely to occur in Brooklyn during the mornings and early afternoons between Wednesday April 27 and Friday April 29. EPA Victoria has contacted industry in the area and urged them to implement dust management plans to ensure businesses do not contribute to poor air quality in the area (26 April 2016).
  • Traralgon air monitoring station is offline due to technical difficulties and data for this station is not being collected. Our technicians are working to fix the problem. (29 April 2016)

  • Melton air monitoring station is currently not showing air quality index summary due to technical difficulties. Data for this station is still being collected and displayed in the table. Our technicians are working to fix the problem. (29 April 2016)

How EPA monitors the air

Watch the video to learn what happens inside one of EPA’s air monitoring stations.

Effects of bushfire smoke

Information about fine particles in bushfire smoke, the potential health effects and the health categories EPA shows on EPA AirWatch.

EPA AirWatch hourly air quality data table

A table view of the air quality data for Victoria.

Page last updated on 29 Apr 2016