Programs and initiatives

Caring for Waterhole Creek


The Caring for Waterhole Creek program is a collaboration between EPA and the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (WGCMA). This eight-month program consists of volunteers monitoring water quality on a fortnightly basis at a number of sites along Waterhole Creek, starting in February 2017.

Volunteers are testing the water for a range of things including pH, phosphorus and conductivity. There will also be testing for other substances such heavy metals and pesticides, plus macroinvertebrate sampling.

The aim of the program is to understand the existing environmental conditions of Waterhole Creek. This knowledge will support current and future management practices on waterway health and biodiversity.

Citizen scientists help to:

  • map the water quality of Waterhole Creek throughout the catchment
  • understand the source of water quality issues found during monitoring, which will help identify the origins of environmental issues affecting the creek 
  • understand the effects of water quality on the abundance and distribution of biodiversity indicators throughout the waterway
  • report instances of illegal dumping.

Page last updated on 12 Jul 2017