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  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) management This guideline summarises the requirements for the storage, handling, use and transport of materials containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in Vic...
    • Category Guideline, Industrial waste resource guidelines, Transport and Motor Vehicles, Waste
    • Publication number: IWRG643.2
    • Release date: 4 Dec 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Landowners fact sheet: Storage and abandonment of waste This fact sheet helps commercial landowners and real estate agents to understand the risks associated with stockpiled and abandoned waste and the requ...
    • Category Illegal dumping, Information Bulletin, Land, Waste
    • Publication number: 1680
    • Release date: 27 Nov 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Smoky outside? Stay inside This poster provides information about what to do when there is smoke outside and you are not under threat from fire....
    • Category Air, Community Information
    • Publication number: 1678
    • Release date: 23 Nov 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • What is PM2.5? This illustrated fact sheet provides information about smoke, PM2.5 and how to protect your health against the effects of smoke exposure....
    • Category Air, Community Information
    • Publication number: 1676
    • Release date: 23 Nov 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Smoky outside? Protect your health This poster provides information about how to protect your health when there is smoke outside....
    • Category Air, Community Information
    • Publication number: 1677
    • Release date: 23 Nov 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Review of licence management guidelines: Response to submissions from August 2017 consultation EPA reviewed all of our standard licence conditions in the first half of 2017 as part of a periodic review program. This document summarises the key c...
    • Category Best practice, Best practice environmental management series, Compliance, Guideline, Guideline for environmental management, Licences and approvals, Regulation
    • Publication number: 1675
    • Release date: 20 Nov 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Interim position statement on PFAS The purpose of this interim position statement is to outline EPA’s current state of knowledge regarding per-and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS...
    • Category Contaminated environments, EPA position
    • Publication number: 1669.1
    • Release date: 13 Nov 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Management and storage of combustible recyclable and waste materials This guideline provides practical guidance on how to comply with the Waste Management Policy (Resource Recovery Facilities). The policy requires combu...
    • Category Guideline, Waste
    • Publication number: 1667.1
    • Release date: 6 Nov 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Fact sheet: Fishermans Bend Groundwater Studies 2015-2017 Fishermans Bend is Australia’s largest urban renewal project, covering about 485 hectares in central Melbourne, south of the Yarra River and CBD. This...
    • Category Community Information, Groundwater, Information Bulletin
    • Publication number: 1674.1
    • Release date: 2 Nov 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Annoyed by noise? This booklet can help you find the best ways to address common residential noise issues.This replaces publication 406.6, issued April 2014. Members of...
    • Category Community Information, Local government, Noise
    • Publication number: 406.7
    • Release date: 24 Oct 2017
    • Format: pdf

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