Works approval application

EPA has introduced a new works approval guideline and online checklist (refer to How to complete a works approval application: This hopes to simplify the application process. The application checklist replaces the existing works approval application form. The new system caters for all applications, ranging from a simple proposal through to highly complex ones. It is designed in such a way as to ensure that scope and levels of information requirements and assessments are streamlined and proportional to the environmental risk. The guideline consists ofPart A which details the works approval process and Part B which explains what information is required. You only need to refer to the relevant sections of Part B, as indicated in your generated application template.This guideline replaces publication 1307.9.
  • Publication Number: 1307.10
  • Category(s): Guidelines, Licences and approvals
  • Number of pages: 121
  • Release Date: 20 Apr 2015

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