Compliance and Enforcement Policy

The amendments made in this edition of the policy are as a result of the early provisions of the legislative changes of the Fines Reform Act. These changes include: the ability of all unpaid EPA infringement notices to be referred to the Infringements Court for enforcement; the new ground for internal review where a person can establish a case of not being aware of having been served with an infringement notice; and the definition of Special Circumstances to now includes “family violence”. Furthermore, all references to the acronym “PIN” have been updated to “IN” to reflect the Infringements Act wordingEPA aims to be an effective regulator and an influential authority on environmental impacts that exercises its statutory authority fairly and credibly. The Compliance and Enforcement Policy articulates EPA’s approach, method and priorities for ensuring compliance with our Acts and carrying out our compliance and enforcement powers. This replaces publication 1388.1, published August 2014.
  • Publication Number: 1388.2
  • Category(s): Compliance, Enforcement, Policy
  • Number of pages: 40
  • Release Date: 2 Aug 2017

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