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  • Air monitoring at Bright during April–May 2001 Air quality was monitored in Bright during April and May 2001. The pollutants measured – particles (PM10), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and carbon monoxide...
    • Category Air, Environment Report
    • Publication number: 882
    • Release date: 23 Dec 2002
    • Format: pdf
  • A guide to the sampling and analysis of air emissions and air quality This guide establishes best practice procedures for sampling and analysing environmental samples and is designed to assist licence holders, consulting...
    • Category Air, Guidelines for Environmental Management
    • Publication number: 440.1
    • Release date: 5 Dec 2002
    • Format: pdf
  • Get a life - get out of the car This publication is a brochure and is not available as a pdf. If you would like a copy please contact EPA's Information Centre on (03) 9695 2722 or co...
    • Category Air
    • Publication number: 873
    • Release date: 4 Oct 2002
  • Air monitoring at Collingwood College during August–October 2001 Air quality was monitored in the main playground of Collingwood College, located in Hoddle Street Collingwood, during the period of early August to ea...
    • Category Air, Environment Report
    • Publication number: 874
    • Release date: 30 Sep 2002
    • Format: pdf
  • Annual review of air quality monitoring data – CityLink project Previous reviews of the impact of the CityLink project on local air quality have been conducted on quarterly (seasonal) data provided to EPA. Now that...
    • Category Air, Environment Report
    • Publication number: 864
    • Release date: 26 Jul 2002
    • Format: pdf
  • Air Monitoring – 2001 EPA Victoria’s air monitoring program recorded more than two million air quality measurements in 2001 from 15 sites (13 in the Melbourne-Geelong airsh...
    • Category Air, Air Quality Monitoring, Environment Report
    • Publication number: 852
    • Release date: 3 Jun 2002
    • Format: pdf
  • Diesel Exhaust, Air Quality and Health Diesel exhaust is a complex mixture of thousands of gases and fine particles that contains more than 40 air contaminants. These include many known or ...
    • Category Air, Information Bulletin
    • Publication number: 849
    • Release date: 21 May 2002
    • Format: pdf
  • Ambient air pollution and daily hospital admissions in Melbourne 1994–1997 EPA has been monitoring Melbourne’s air quality since the 1970s. Recently, this information has been the subject of studies by air quality scientists ...
    • Category Air, Scientific report
    • Publication number: 789
    • Release date: 21 Feb 2002
    • Format: pdf
  • Ambient Air Pollution and Daily Hospital Admissions in Melbourne 1994-1997 The content of this brochure is available as a web page at http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/air/epa/hospitals.asp If you would like a hard copy please cont...
    • Category Air
    • Publication number: 836
    • Release date: 19 Feb 2002
  • The NPI and Air Quality in Geelong The National Pollutant Inventory is an information tool developed by all State, Territory and Federal governments that allows Australians to access, o...
    • Category Air, Information Bulletin
    • Publication number: 833
    • Release date: 5 Feb 2002
    • Format: pdf

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