Ballast water and government obligations

The Environment Protection Act 1970 gives EPA a broad range of tools to protect the environment, including all Victorian state waters. These tools include waste management policies.

The Waste Management Policy (Ships’ Ballast Water) is administered by EPA. See clause 12 for our specific responsibilities. The Environment Protection (Ships’ Ballast Water) Regulations 2017 set out extra requirements.

EPA will provide guidance and information to assist ships to comply with these arrangements. This includes risk-assessment tools to assist ship owners, masters and agents to assess the risks of domestic ballast water before berthing at a Victorian port.

EPA assesses all reporting forms and ballast logs that are sent by ships and their agents, and confirms all instructions to ships in writing.

EPA is working with the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to coordinate the transition of responsibility for the management of domestic ballast water. For further information about the implementation of Australia's national system, you can view the Department’s web page, The Biosecurity Act 2015


Page last updated on 25 May 2017