Australian Greenhouse Calculator

Have you ever wanted to know how your lifestyle contributes to your household greenhouse gas emissions?

The Australian Greenhouse Calculator (AGC) is a program that helps you understand how your lifestyle choices contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by calculating your annual GHG footprint from the information you provide.

We all enjoy the benefits of modern technology such as heating and lighting, but in our use of these items we can do things to reduce our production of greenhouse gases and help combat climate change.

Use the AGC to explore how to live more sustainablyUse the AGC to explore how to live more sustainably. By changing your behaviour and selecting energy-efficient options, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in ways that do not compromise comfort and quality of life.

The calculator will also compare your greenhouse gas emissions with that of a 'typical' house and a 'green' house. Keeping in mind, AGC only calculates greenhouse gas emissions; it does not address other environmental issues such as toxic materials, biodiversity impacts, air pollution, and other forms of environmental impact. This should be taken into account by users.

In addition to the calculator, the AGC website includes educational animations, a research centre, teacher resources, and a report about the assumptions made in the calculator. Please read on for details about these aspects of the AGC website, how to log feedback, as well as a short history of the AGC, or click the image to go directly the AGC.


The AGC website includes four animations which will help you to learn in a fun and easy way about the key issues relating to climate change. The animation topics include: Greenhouse, The carbon cycle, Ozone layer, and Carbon Footprint.

Research Centre

The Research centre includes comprehensive information and analysis on issues relating to climate change. The Research centre also offers information about what you can do as an individual.

Teacher resources

In this section teacher ideas and student activities are provided to help develop a deeper understanding of climate change and the impacts that are a result of lifestyle choices. The teacher ideas and student activities support student inquiry and are aligned with the Australian Curriculum.


The development of a greenhouse calculator is a very complex and technical task. To understand more about how your greenhouse emissions are calculated in the Australian Greenhouse Calculator, read the Assumptions document which includes two reports:

  • Guide to Australian Greenhouse Calculator: Basic Features, Use
  • Assumptions and Reference Report: Food, Grocery and Services

Feedback about the AGC?

If you have a question or comment about the AGC follow this link External site. Here you will be able to download a list of known issues and problems identified since release and email the developers directly to ask questions and raise other issues.

Click here for the Australian Greenhouse CalculatorHistory of the Australian Greenhouse Calculator

This is the third version of the Australian Greenhouse Calculator. The first version of the AGC was introduced in the 1990’s and the second in 2001. This latest version includes major updates from the last edition, such as a more comprehensive and accurate measurement of your footprint. Updates also include a change of interface. The previous editions used a household room interface, while the updated calculator uses a lifestyle category approach (such as transport, lighting and waste). The calculator now includes eleven lifestyle categories, all of which can be completed in either a quick or detailed mode. New to the AGC is the inclusion of a ‘Food and Shopping’  category which allows you to understand the greenhouse impacts associated with different foods and shopping behaviours.


To discover what your household greenhouse footprint is, go to the Australian Greenhouse Calculator website by clicking the image above.