In April 2019, we began a project to clean up an estimated 286,000 m3 of waste stockpiled at 300–400 Broderick Road in Lara. The site's previous operator had let the amount of waste grow to dangerous levels.

The previous operator, C&D Recycling managed the site poorly. This resulted in an unacceptable risk to the local community, environment and emergency services in the event of a fire.

C&D Recycling and the site’s owner went into liquidation in early 2019. Soon after, we stepped in and used our legal powers to enter the site and begin a cleanup project to reduce the risk to the community.

The waste that has built up onsite will be cleaned up and recycled or disposed of in an appropriate way. Infrastructure, such as the office building and sheds will be maintained and left onsite.

We’re working with the City of Greater Geelong, Fire Rescue Victoria, Victoria Police, WorkSafe and the Department of Health to undertake the works.

Importantly we have installed and maintain fire prevention measures to minimise the risk of a fire while we clean up the site.

We are cleaning up the site in three stages:

  • Stage one – processing and removing about 26,600 m3 of timber.
  • Stage two – removing about 7,600 m3 of contaminated soil.
  • Stage three – removing about 250,000 m3 of mixed construction and demolition waste, spread across four main stockpiles.

Stages one and two are now complete. Contractors removed approximately 50,000 m3 of waste from the site between September 2019 and April 2020.

So far, we have removed more than 120,000 m3 of material from the site.

We have community updates and factsheets about the cleanup:

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Reviewed 28 April 2021