EPA is Victoria’s environmental regulator.

EPA works on behalf of all Victorians to protect the environment and human health by preventing and reducing harm from pollution and waste.

EPA sets and enforces environmental standards and strives to achieve clean air, healthy waterways, safe land and minimal disturbances from noise and odour for Victorians.

EPA's Governing Board

Our Governing Board  is accountable to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cathy Wilkinson, reports to the Governing Board. 

EPA Victoria’s Governing Board is accountable to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Cathy Wilkinson reports to the Governing Board.

The Governing Board are Professor Kate Auty (Chair), Dr Greg Tweedly (Deputy Chair), Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith, Graeme Ford, Professor Rebekah Brown, Ross Pilling, Monique Conheady and Debra Russell. The board was appointed in May 2018 and is supported by the Board Secretary.

EPA's six directorates

We’re made up of six directorates:

  • Applied Science and Chief Environmental Scientist
  • Regulatory Operations
  • Regulatory Standards, Assessments and Permissioning
  • Transformation
  • Board Secretary and Corporate
  • Regulatory Capability, Engagement and Legal. 

Dr Andrea Hinwood, EPA’s Chief Environmental Scientist, leads the Applied Science directorate. This directorate supports EPA's investigations of incidents, as well as producing preventative guidance, by providing the most current up-to-date research. Applied Science works with our partners in academia, government, industry and community to improve knowledge about protecting the environment and human health.

Paul Stacchino leads Regulatory Operations, which delivers regulatory programs and operations aimed at addressing environmental and human health problems effectively and successfully. This directorate provides standardised compliance assessments and strategic engagement with industry, technical advice to Emergency Services during incidents, and programs designed to monitor and enforce regulatory compliance across all guidelines and evaluation measures.

Tim Eaton leads Regulatory Standards, Assessments & Permissioning. This directorate supports a liveable and prosperous Victoria by applying the law under the Act fairly and promptly and proposing policies that support business, community and government stakeholders. This is managed across four units, Major Projects and Planning, Development Assessments, Environmental Audit and Policy and Regulation.

Craig Mutton leads Transformation, which aims to deliver an efficient and public-facing EPA. Continuing assessment of our organisational strategy is conducted through this directorate, which is also responsible for producing our Annual Report and Annual Plan.

The Board Secretary and Corporate directorate supports EPA’s regulatory activities. This is achieved through budgetary prioritising and decision-making, oversight of recruitment, and procurement and spending efficiency across the organisation.

Mark Rossiter leads Regulatory Capability, Engagement & Legal. This directorate oversees the full spectrum of EPA’s regulatory activities, from legal advice and court proceedings, to investigations of offences and communications across all channels.

EPA's organisational structure

Our organisational structure shows the responsibilities of our six directorates and who leads them.

Applied Science & Chief Environmental Scientist (Dr Andrea Hinwood)

  • Office of the Chief Environmental Scientist
  • Applied Science
    • Advisory & Intelligence
    • Programs, Quality & Operations
    • Environmental Solutions\
    • Environmental Public Health

Regulatory Standards, Assessments & Permissioning (Tim Eaton)

  • Development Assessments
  • Policy & Regulation
  • Environmental Audit
  • Major Projects & Planning

Regulatory Operations (Paul Stacchino)

  • Regional Operations & Emergency Management
    • Metropolitan Region
    • Gippsland Region
    • North East Region
    • North West Region
    • Southern Metro Region
    • South West Region
  • Regional Performance Support
  • Emergency Operations & Capability
  • Regulatory Programs
    • Preventative & Priority Programs
    • Specialist Regulatory Services
    • Regulatory Programs
    • Resource Recovery Facilities Audit Taskforce

Regulatory Capability, Engagement & Legal (Mark Rossiter)

  • Regulatory Approach & Capability
    • Regulatory Development
    • Regulatory Capability & Improvement
    • Industry Guidance
  • General Counsel
    • Legal Services
    •  Major Investigations
  • Communications & Engagement
    • Standards & Capability
    • Strategic Communications
    • Stakeholder Solutions
    • Customer & Stakeholder Experience
  • Directorate Operations

Transformation (Craig Mutton)

  • Transformation Management Office
    • Transformation Programs
    • Change & Collaboration
  • Planning & Performance
  • Legislative Transition

Board Secretary & Corporate

  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology, supported by CenITex (external supplier)
  • People & Culture
  • Executive Services

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Reviewed 13 October 2020