Information sharing processes have been streamlined under the Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018.

We’ve streamlined our processes to make sure the Victorian environment protection laws can be properly enforced.

The Act explicitly outlines the circumstances where EPA might share information, obtained through its investigations, with other agencies. Sharing information between agencies is intended to help catch and prosecute offenders more efficiently.

The Act allows improved access to information for both EPA and the public, while maintaining privacy and legal compliance.

EPA will also be developing new environment reference standards (ERS). These are similar to the state environment protection policies (SEPP) in the old Act.

ERS will detail:

  • aspects of the environment valued by Victorians
  • how these aspects will be protected
  • how EPA makes regulatory decisions about these aspects.

Under the new Act, EPA has the power to set up a ‘conference of interested persons’. These relate to any matter or decision under consideration, including ERS. This is a powerful way for EPA to engage with communities on EPA decisions that affect them. It’s an opportunity for EPA to better communicate with the public about the science, regulations and legislation that govern the decision-making process.

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Reviewed 28 October 2019