The new environmental protection laws will deliver a level playing field for Victorian businesses.

They’ll give you access to more flexible options for managing environmental risk and give clearer guidance on how you can do this.

This new regulatory approach will also give EPA more flexibility in supporting your compliance. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to environmental risk, the new laws – together with guidance from EPA – will allow you to tailor a risk management plan specific to your business.

Good performers can also be confident that non-compliant businesses will be held to account.

The cost of managing environmental risk

The costs of taking reasonably practicable actions will be relative to the environmental risks you need to manage. 

Understanding your level of risk will be similar to the way many businesses already manage workplace health and safety risks. In many instances, businesses already manage both types of risk in their risk management systems. For other businesses, this will give you the opportunity to take an integrated and efficient risk management approach.

The actions you need to take to comply with the general environmental duty (GED), and the costs involved, depend on the scale of your activities and the nature of the risks. We can give information on how to manage low-risk and medium to high-risk activities.

Approval delays will also be reduced by a better resourced, knowledgeable and effective EPA.

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Reviewed 7 November 2019