The Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018  is intended to come into effect on 1 July 2021. We’ll support stakeholders on these changes as we develop new regulations and specific guidance.

Subordinate legislation to support the new Act

What we learnt from public comment

The public comment period closed on 31 October 2019. We received 317 submissions. More than half of these came from organisations.

We have identified more than 2,300 individual issues from the submissions.

Common themes include:

  • duty holder readiness for 1 July 2021, including priorities for guidance and support
  • onsite domestic wastewater management systems (septics)
  • declarations of use and classifications (waste)
  • transport and testing of contaminated soils
  • new noise sensitive areas.

View the submissions

Submissions received may be published on Engage Vic where the submitter has given permission.

These submissions will gradually be published on Engage Vic from Dec 2019.

EPA and Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) will address confidentiality and privacy concerns before publication.

Responses to submissions

Substantive comments will receive a formal response via The Response to Public Comment Report.

This report will be published on Engage Vic when the regulations and standards are made.

The proposed regulations and standards are still available on Engage Vic.

Next steps

EPA and DELWP are now focused on reviewing submissions and considering the appropriate response.

We welcome any feedback you have on these new laws. If you’re interested in becoming more involved, you can email our dedicated unit

Have EPA to present to your organisation or business about the changes

Contact if you would like EPA to come and talk to your business or community group about what’s changing.

Any other questions can be sent to  

Read more about complying with the new laws

How transition to the new Act will work

Learn how to manage your environmental risk

EPA tools and powers to support compliance

Reviewed 28 May 2020