We’re prioritising the creation of clear and accessible industry guidance. This makes sure businesses have access to the information they need to manage environmental risk.

The development of the latest industry guidance follows an independent inquiry by a Ministerial Advisory Committee into EPA Regulations based on the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act).

The inquiry concluded in 2016 that increases to Victoria's population, economy and infrastructural pressure since the Act first came into effect, require changes to the state's environmental regulation.

All business and industry activity, from small start-ups to larger operations, can have an impact on their surrounding areas. It’s every business's responsibility to manage environmental risks.

Good environmental management is beneficial for your local environment. It can save you money, maintain your business’s reputation and avoid the need for prosecution by regulators, like EPA.

EPA is educating Victorian businesses on their obligations and giving guidance on preventative measures.

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Reviewed 7 November 2019