The Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 introduces new tools to help better regulate Victoria's environment.

When the new laws come into force, permission holders will be subject to the general environmental duty (GED), which applies to everyone.

As well as licences, there will be two additional levels of permissions under the new laws. This new approach will be risk-based and flexible, making it easier for businesses to meet their environmental obligations.

  • Registrations will be easy to obtain and suited to low to medium-risk activities.
  • Permits be suited to medium to high-risk activities with low complexity.
  • Licences will apply to activities that need the highest level of regulatory control. This will help manage significant risks to human health and the environment. They’ll also be subject to regular review after they have been in place for at least four years. 

New Regulations will set out which permission is needed for different activities. A public comment period was held in October 2019. This has now closed.

The proposed Regulations allow for a transition to permissions under the laws.

The GED and new permissions framework will mean that we will be working with a rage of businesses for the first time. We’re currently designing compliance guidance with with peak bodies and businesses and working to make sure you understand your new responsibilities.

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Reviewed 11 November 2019