Information on this page is not current law. It details new laws intended to commence on 1 July 2021 under the Environment Protection Act 2017.

‘State of knowledge’ is all the information you should reasonably know about managing your business’s risks.

This includes information from:

  • EPA
  • your business
  • industry
  • government.

EPA provides clear and accessible industry guidance. This helps businesses manage their environmental risks. 

Understanding state of knowledge

‘State of knowledge’ includes an understanding of the:  

  • risks your business may pose to human health and the environment 
  • steps you should take to eliminate or reduce those risks. 

The state of knowledge changes over time. This is because ways of working develop, and new risks emerge.

Knowledge sources from business and industry

  • Documents showing how to perform activities safely
  • Manuals
  • Safety data, instructions and labels
  • Training on equipment use
  • Contracts between parties
  • Guidance from industry bodies

Knowledge sources from regulators and government

Knowledge sources from independent organisations

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Reviewed 29 July 2020