Subordinate legislation is the group of tools that will support the amended Environment Protection Act 2017 (the Act) when it comes into effect. These tools include Regulations to support the Act and environmental reference standards.

EPA and Department of Environment Land Water and Planning worked together to develop the proposed Regulations and ERS in consultation with community, government and industry stakeholders.

Proposed final versions of Regulations and ERS released

The amended Act is intended to come into effect on 1 July 2021. The amended Act will transform Victoria’s environmental protection laws and EPA.

To support duty holder and peer regulator readiness for the commencement of the Act, the Government has released proposed final versions of the Regulations and ERS.

These versions have not been made as legislation by the Governor in Council but they do reflect changes made based on feedback received during the 2019 consultation. They provide the detail Victorians need to adopt a new preventative approach to protecting their environment.

What has been published

Proposed final Environment Protection Regulations and supporting materials

The proposed final Regulations support the new environmental protection legislation by providing clarity and further detail for duty holders on how to fulfil their obligations. To support you to prepare for the commencement of the Act the following documents have been published:

Proposed final versions of 5 EPA publications that will be incorporated in the Regulations when they are made and support their operation:

Proposed final Environment Reference Standard (ERS)

The proposed final ERS sets out the uses of the environment that Victorians value, and the indicators and objectives needed to support them. It provides a foundation for environmental monitoring and reporting. The proposed final ERS contains values, indicators and objectives for ambient air, water, ambient sound and land environments.

The Response to public comment report

To help understand how consultation shaped the proposed final Regulations and ERS, the Government has also released a report on the results of consultation.

Victoria’s new environment protection laws webinar

Learn more about the proposed final subordinate legislation by attending our webinar on Wednesday 3 February.

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Reviewed 18 January 2021