EPA and DELWP are developing supporting proposed environment protection Regulations and environment reference standards.

The public consultation period to review and comment on the proposed regulations and standards was held in October 2019. This is now closed.

EPA and DELWP will consider all submissions before Regulations and the standard are made by Government.

All substantive comments will get a response that will be published in a consolidated public report.

It’s anticipated that the response to public comment report will be released alongside the proposed final Regulations and standard.

Proposed Regulations

You can read the proposed Regulations and standard at Engage Victoria. This includes:

  • the proposed Regulations and supporting Regulatory Impact Statement
  • the proposed Environment Reference Standard (ERS) and supporting Impact Assessment
  • related documents that support the Regulations. These relate to noise, waste and other environmental matters you may be interested in.  

Project timelines

The proposed Regulations and environment reference standards will be developed in time to support the commencement of the new Act.

Early to mid–2019

During this period, EPA and DELWP undertook targeted stakeholder engagement and workshops. A series of discussions and workshops were held with stakeholders, community members, industry representatives and local government to inform the development of fit-for-purpose regulations and standards.

September–October 2019

Public comment period. Public consultation on the proposed regulations and standards, and their supporting impact assessments, was undertaken to gather public views and make sure the Victorian Government develops fit-for-purpose subordinate legislation.

Late 2019 to early 2020

Review of public comment submissions. Submissions will be reviewed and considered prior to the regulations and standards being made by Government. The submissions received will be considered and may ultimately result in changes being made to the proposed regulations or standards. 

Who we have engaged with

To date, we have engaged with representatives from community groups, licence holders, peak industry bodies, businesses and government agencies across topics. They include:

  • waste
  • water
  • noise
  • air
  • contaminated land
  • litter
  • septic tanks.

How to be involved

We’ll release updates during the review period. Register for public comment updates.

Email: engagement@epa.vic.gov.au

Phone: 1300 372 842 

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Reviewed 29 July 2020