With the introduction of the Environment Protection Act 2017 (the Act) in 2021, the law shifts to a prevention-based approach. Central to this approach is the general environment duty (GED).

New subordinate legislation including Regulations to support the Act also start in 2021. The proposed final Regulations follow extensive business and community consultation. They contain important information for duty holders on their obligations under the Act and: 

  • provide a way for parts of the new environment protection legislation to work
  • stop serious consequences from specific types of pollution or waste
  • stop serious risk of mismanagement
  • give the certainty and consistency needed by duty holders.

The early release of this legislation is just for information. Duty holders are required to continue operating under the Environment Protection Act 1970 until 1 July 2021.

Guidance materials to support industry and the community with the transition to the new legislation will also be available soon.

Read the proposed final Regulations.

Read more about the proposed final Regulations

Reviewed 17 March 2021