Compliance code

Compliance codes give practical guidance on who has a duty or obligation under the Act. 

EPA position statements 

EPA position statements are EPA’s opinions on how a provision of the Act or the Regulations would apply to a person, or in a set of circumstances. 

Environmentally hazardous substance orders 

Environmentally hazardous substance orders declare a substance as environmentally hazardous and prohibit, control or regulate that substance. 

Emergency approvals 

Emergency approvals allow EPA to authorise discharges, emissions, storage, treatment, disposal and handling of waste in emergencies and other temporary situations that would otherwise be an offence under the Act.


Notices include:  

  • Improvement notice – contravention of the Act; requires action to remedy the contravention 
  • Prohibition notice – contravention of the Act; prohibits the person from engaging in the activity
  • Notice to investigate – believes there is contamination, pollution and unlawful waste that requires further investigation of circumstances and a report to the authority
  • Environmental action notice – believes there is contamination, pollution and unlawful waste, and requires clean-up measures such as taking waste to a place that can accept it, or to cease accepting waste
  • Non-disturbance notice – stop the use or movement of equipment or a substance that is causing a disturbance.

Site management orders 

Site management orders are a new tool to allow the establishment of long-term controls to ensure the safe management of sites that would otherwise pose ongoing risks to the community and the environment.

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Reviewed 28 October 2019