Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is assessing a licence application from Envirostream Australia Pty Ltd at its existing 20-22 Berwick Rd, Campbellfield site. 

The application is for an EPA licence to manage and continue operating a specified e-waste recycling and resource recovery facility to recycle end-of-life (spent) mixed batteries. 

Six main end-of-life battery types are collected from retailers including lithium ion batteries, lithium metal batteries, alkaline batteries, nickel calcium batteries, nickel metal hydrate batteries and lead acid batteries. 

The Envirostream Berwick Rd facility has capacity to process more than 500 tonnes of specified e-waste per year and so requires an EPA licence.

Envirostream wants to store no more than 308 tonnes of material at any one time. Of the 308 tonnes of material, Envirostream proposes to store 36 tonnes to be unprocessed e-waste, 115 tonnes to be unprocessed specified e-waste, 80 tonnes to be mixed batteries and 77 tonnes to be processed material. 

All operations occur within a fully enclosed building and operates from 7am - 5pm Monday to Friday. A Hume City Council planning permit is also required. 

EPA will assess the application for potential environmental impacts, such as noise, waste, odour, dust and potential land, surface water and ground water contamination risks. EPA is also considering whether enforcement action should be taken under its Compliance and Enforcement Policy as the facility had been operating unlicensed.

To view the application and make a submission visit www.engage.vic.gov.au

Submissions on the application are open from 21 October 2020 until 18 November 2020. 


Reviewed 21 October 2020