Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has assessed a request from the Country Fire Authority (CFA) for more time to complete the final clean-up of its former training site in Fiskville.

While a number of rehabilitation works have already been carried out at the site, CFA has requested more time due to the considerable scale of some of the issues.

The works have been focussed on preventing off-site migration of contaminants while a permanent containment solution was developed.

The extent and nature of contamination from the Fiskville site is larger and more complicated than was anticipated at the time the notices were issued in 2013.

EPA has reviewed CFA’s request to amend the timeframe and supports the application for more time to ensure environmental standards are met.

EPA has agreed to extend the current deadline of June 2017 to 2020 to allow proper consideration of the technical issues that may arise.

EPA will also require CFA to implement any additional interim controls necessary to manage site contamination risks until final rehabilitation works are completed.

EPA will continue to have oversight of this site through quarterly reporting by the CFA.


On 22 January 2013, EPA issued two clean-up notices requiring CFA develop and implement a clean-up plan and to engage an EPA-appointed environmental auditor to complete two environmental audits at the Fiskville facility.

The CFA Fiskville site was permanently closed for fire training activities in March 2015. CFA continues to maintain a dedicated staff presence on-site to manage and oversee all interim rehabilitation works.

Reviewed 23 August 2019