Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is continuing to investigate an oily spill and milky discharge in Merri Creek, Campbellfield, east of the southern end of the Merri Concourse.

The pollution was reported to EPA last weekend and a potential source has been identified, pending further scientific analysis.

EPA is continuing to investigate the cause and will hold those responsible to account.

The black oily material was not possible to trace back in the stormwater system. It appears this material may have washed into the stormwater system as a result of significant rainfall.

Oil spills can cause strong odours which may impact nearby properties. These odours can cause symptoms such as headaches and eye and nose irritation.

If you are experiencing symptoms, try and avoid the area. Members of the public are advised to avoid contact with water in the affected waterways.

If you see pollution report it to EPA by calling 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).

Reviewed 15 November 2019