Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has fined a Laverton North company more than $8,000 after EPA officers traced an odour in a residential area back to the company’s rendering plant.

EPA Western Metropolitan Regional Manager Steve Lansdell says reports from members of the public in Sunshine West and Brooklyn were part of a successful investigation.

“Thank you to our community in the West. Your prompt reports to our 24 hour hotline (1300 EPA VIC) made all the difference.  People described the smell and gave us their locations, which helped EPA officers to trace the odour upwind to its source before the wind could confuse the trail or remove the evidence altogether,” Mr Lansdell said.

“Our team traced it back to the Laverton North rendering plant run by CSF Proteins Pty Ltd and found there were problems with the plant’s biofilter and odour containment,” he said.

The plant’s EPA licence applies site-specific conditions to protect the community and environment, including the requirement that odour must not leave the premises and affect the public.

EPA has fined the company $8,261 and served a legally enforceable Pollution Abatement Notice requiring it to fix the biofilter as quickly as possible. 

“Our community in the West are fed up with odours in their neighbourhood and homes, and it is very disappointing to see an operator like CSF Proteins Pty Ltd contribute to this by failing to fulfill its EPA licence requirements,” Mr Lansdell said.

“Every business has a responsibility to take preventative measures to ensure incidents like this do not occur, and EPA will show zero tolerance when companies fail in that responsibility to protect the community,” he said.


EPA officers described the odour as a meaty odour.

Under the Environment Protection Act 1970 and the Infringements Act 2006, the company has the right to have the decision to issue the infringement notice reviewed or alternatively to have the matter heard and determined by a court.

Members of the public can report pollution by calling EPA’s 24 hour hotline on 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842).

Reviewed 29 March 2021