Environment Protection authority Victoria (EPA) has ordered a Sunshine ewaste battery and cable recycler to stop accepting waste until it can properly manage its stockpiling.
EPA officers self deployed to a small fire at ReSource Pty Ltd in Third Avenue Sunshine late on Thursday night in support of Fire Rescue Victoria. While the fire was in a hopper used to sort rubber and did not impact off site, a further inspection by EPA officers on Friday found that ReSource Pty Ltd had not taken reasonable steps in managing its waste stockpile in a way that reduced the fire risk to the community.
“EPA has been very clear with the waste and recycling industry. We take a zero-tolerance approach non compliance and will take all appropriate regulatory action to protect the community and the environment,” said EPA Western Regional Manager Steve Lansdell.
“We have inspected the ReSource Pty Ltd site five times in two years serving notices requiring it improve its management of the fire risk.
“Thursday night’s fire should not have happened and we will use our regulatory powers to ensure they reduce their stock levels and improve their storage systems and processes. The Notice will remain in place until the company can demonstrate it has returned to compliance with the Waste Management Policy.”
And overnight Friday, EPA officers again turned out in support of FRV crews for a fire at metals recycler Manhari in Somerville Rd, Tottenham. The fire was quickly controlled with minimal offsite impacts. The facility had only just been allowed to start accepting waste again after EPA took action aimed at improving their stockpile and fire risk management.
“EPA will actively investigate for any non compliance with waste and recycling regulations and will use the full force of the law in line with our Compliance and Enforcement Policy.”
Manhari is one of a number of recyclers told by EPA to stop accepting waste in recent days. Read more at https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/about-epa/news-media-and-updates/news-and-updates/epa-takes-enforcement-action-to-reduce-the-risk-of-fire-at-recycling-sites   

Reviewed 20 February 2021