Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has fined an Altona North car auction company $8,261 for failing to stop contaminated water from escaping its premises and prevent risks to nearby Cherry Creek, which leads to Port Phillip Bay at Altona.

EPA Western Metropolitan Regional Manager Stephen Lansdell says EPA officers detected the problem during a routine inspection at Manheim Pty Ltd’s premises on Gordon Luck Ave.

“A case like this is disappointing because the company was given clear instructions and a firm deadline so it could do the right thing by the environment and the community, but clearly failed to do so, Mr Lansdell said.

“This is patent non-compliance with environmental requirements, for which we have zero tolerance at EPA,” he said.

“EPA gave the company six months to get the job done, but EPA officers found the company had not made any significant progress, so we issued the company with a fine.” 

“EPA officers will continue inspections at the property until we are satisfied that the risks are appropriately managed,” Mr Lansdell said.


EPA officers conducting a routine inspection found a salvage yard that stored damaged cars had a gravel surface contaminated with hydrocarbons. The gravel area is 150 by 400 metres and can hold approximately 3,000 cars.

They also found an oily substance on the surface of an open stormwater drain that ran through the property and into nearby Cherry Creek.

EPA officers issued the company with a Pollution Abatement Notice (PAN) that required it to install controls that collect stormwater and treat it before it can leave the property,

Members of the public can report pollution by calling EPA’s 24 hour hotline on 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842).

Reviewed 19 February 2021