Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has deployed officers and its new mobile incident air monitoring and emergency management vehicle to the scene of a fire in Thomastown.
The fire at a vehicle wrecking yard in Settlement Road, has produced large volumes of thick black smoke causing concern for nearbye residents and businesses.
“Fires like this often involve old tyres and fuels as well as plastics which can cause a lot of smoke,” explained EPA State Agency Commander Jessica Bandiera.
“The fire is quite large and involves many units from Fire Rescue Victoria. EPA will support their fire fighting efforts and monitor smoke and air quality.
“The smoke is likely to be visible and present for some time and could cause concern especially for those with existing respiratory issues, pregnant women, the elderly and the very young.
“If you see or smell that smoke, you should stay inside. But only if it’s safe to do so. Remember to:
• keep your windows and doors shut
• switch your air conditioner to ‘recirculate’
• air out your house when the smoke clears
• look out for children, older people, and others at risk
• keep pets inside with clean water and food. Keep pets’ bedding inside if possible."

“If you are concerned about the smoke we have advice for you at https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/for-community/environmental-information/air-quality/smoke/smoke-your-health” 



Reviewed 28 July 2020