United Star Resource Pty Ltd has applied for an EPA licence to continue operating its existing e-waste recycling facility located at 494 Boundary Rd Derrimut VIC 3026.

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is assessing the application and has put it up for public comment on the Engage Victoria website.

You can see the application documents, ask a question or make a submission at: engage.vic.gov.au/epa-works-approvals/united-star

The facility aims to process 500 tonnes per year of specified e-waste. 

United Star Resource collect all forms of e-waste from a diverse range of industries as well as other waste management companies.

United Star Resource are seeking approval for a licensed volume of materials to include the following e-waste streams:

• Computer networks and servers
• PCs, laptops and peripherals
• Hard drives
• Phone systems and network switches
• Mobile devices
• Security systems
• Audio visual equipment
• Medical (non-contaminated) equipment
• Other assorted electronic products

Batteries are removed and segregated by battery type for collection and processing by an accredited battery recycler transport company.

EPA is scheduled to make a decision on the application in early 2021.

Submissions are open until 6 October 2020.


Licences are issued by EPA under the Environment Protection Act 1970. They are required for some industrial and waste management activities that have the potential for significant environmental impact.

Reviewed 8 September 2020