Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has received a Works Approval application for the construction of a waste to energy facility at 164-200 McManus Rd, Lara.

The application, from Prospect Hill International Pty. Ltd. (Prospect Hill), proposes a facility that will be designed to process up to 400,000 tonnes of waste per year and generate 35 megawatts of electricity. 

Prospect Hill estimates this is enough to power up to 50,000 homes. The facility will only take residual wastes currently destined for landfill. 

The application includes technical studies of the potential impacts of the proposal including: 

comparison with international best practice standards for waste-to-energy facilities
human health impact assessment
air and odour emissions
noise emissions
greenhouse gas emissions
incoming & outgoing waste management

EPA will assess the application against the Environment Protection Act 1970, State Environment Protection Policies, and relevant standards and guidelines. 

Among the issues EPA will take into consideration are potential environmental or human health impacts from operation of the facility including air, odour, noise, and greenhouse gas emissions, waste storage and management, environmental management and monitoring, and international best practice standards.

To view the full application please go to https://engage.vic.gov.au/epa-works-approvals/prospecthill 
Public submissions will be open  until 28 April, 2021.

What is a Works Approval?

EPA’s works approval process is designed to ensure the best and most cost-effective environmental outcomes on projects are achieved. Without works approvals there is an increased risk of industrial projects causing pollution issues and requiring expensive retrofitting. Works approvals are an opportunity to save energy and water and to reduce waste at the project design stage, creating value for a business.

To read more about Works Approvals go to epa.vic.gov.au/for-business/find-a-topic/works-approval 

Reviewed 24 March 2021