After lengthy consultations including an online community meeting, Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has approved a Works Approval application from Longwarry Saleyards Pty Ltd for the development of a livestock saleyard and associated plant and equipment in Longwarry.

On 16 January 2020, EPA received a Works Approval application from Longwarry Saleyards Pty Ltd seeking approval to construct a facility for receiving and selling cattle. The proposed saleyard will have a throughput of up to 132,000 head per annum, comprising:
120,000 cattle; and 
12,000 bobby calves.

EPA received 111 submissions and one petition during the public comment period. Another 18 submissions were received during a second comment period. 

As part of the conditions of the Works Approval, Longwarry is required to submit to EPA before construction:
a commissioning plan with noise and odour testing to verify the
development complies with the modelling.
a construction environment management plan including controlling
construction noise
a monitoring program for surface water
a monitoring plan for any soil brought onto the site
an updated Environment Improvement Plan (EIP) for managing ongoing
surface water quality monitoring that includes testing for pathogens
pest insect management 
updated flood modelling for the final layout.

To view EPA’s full approval go to 

If you object to the issuing of the works approval or its conditions, you may have the decision reviewed by applying in writing within 21 days of the date of issue 

EPA Works Approvals
Works Approvals are issued by EPA under the Environment Protection Act 1970. They are required for industrial and waste management activities that have the potential for significant environmental impact.

The environmental considerations assessed in the application were:  
air emissions and human health 
wastewater and stormwater management 
land and groundwater 


Reviewed 14 September 2020