EPA has issued notices to three recycling companies that prohibits them from accepting any new combustible recyclable waste materials until their stockpiles meet compliance requirements. 

The companies are:

Papertrade (Hallam)

Vic Metal Recyclers (Laverton North)

H & H Auto Parts Pty Ltd (Laverton North)

EPA officers inspected Papertrade in Hallam and found significant stockpiles of waste plastics, as well as oversized stockpiles, stockpile separation distance issues and access issues for fire services.

When EPA officers inspected Vic Metal Recyclers in Laverton North, they found inappropriate stockpiles and access issues for fire services.

At H & H Auto Parts in Laverton North, officers found inappropriate stockpiles and access issues for fire services.

The companies can still process waste at the sites while the notices are in place but will not be able to receive any new materials. 

EPA officers will determine when compliance with the notices has been achieved at each site, which would allow the companies to begin receiving new materials again.

EPA CEO Lee Miezis said EPA had taken this action to reduce any potential risks to human health and the environment posed by stockpiles of recyclable waste materials at the site.

“EPA will also commence a formal investigation in relation to these matters to explore if sanctions are warranted under the Environment Protection Act 2017,” Mr Miezis said.

Reviewed 7 September 2021