Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) officers have remained at the scene of yesterday’s auto wreckers fire in Settlement Rd, Thomastown. 

Air quality in the area returned to normal last night (Tuesday), but work has continued throughout the evening and this morning to remove firewater runoff from Edgars Creek. EPA officers will continue testing and monitoring both air and water quality.

On Tuesday afternoon, fire crews spent several hours fighting the fire which sent thick black smoke into the northern suburbs' sky. Atlas Auto, the auto wrecking company involved in the incident, was known to have up to 4,000 tyres at the site as well as waste oils, vehicle bodies and parts at the yard.

Through the Office for the Protection of the Local Environment (OPLE) program, the site had already come to EPA’s attention. EPA had issued notices for the company to improve their handling and storage of materials.

An investigation into the fire continues and EPA will be providing assistance. EPA will also determine whether any breaches of the Environment Protection Act have occurred and pursue sanctions consistent with EPAs compliance and enforcement policy.

To check on the current air quality go to EPA's AirWatch site.


Reviewed 29 July 2020