Air quality is returning to normal and is currently good following an industrial fire at Thomastown this afternoon, but Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) officers will stay on site this evening continuing to monitor air quality and potential water impacts.

The fire at a vehicle wrecking yard in Settlement Road, produced large volumes of thick black smoke which dissipated once the fire was under control.

As part of the clean up and pollution mitigation, eductor trucks will commence pumping firefighting foam run off from Edgars Creek

“Fires at vehicle wreckers often involve old tyres and fuels as well as plastics which can cause a lot of smoke,” explained EPA State Agency Commander Jessica Bandiera.

“The fire was quite large and EPA supported firefighters with monitoring of smoke and air quality and will assist with ongoing investigations.

“While the fire is considered under control if you are concerned about your health, EPA has advice at or contact your health professional.”


Reviewed 29 July 2020