Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) will hold a community conference on 25 February to hear public submissions regarding a works approval application to build a used lead acid battery recycling facility in Hazelwood North.   

EPA received a proposal from Chunxing Pty Ltd seeking to process 50,000 tonnes per year of used lead acid batteries, to be recycled into 28,000 tonnes of refined lead per year. The proposal estimates 98 per cent of the lead, plastic and electrolyte (sulfuric acid) in batteries will be recycled.

The proposed facility, to be located at Crown Allotment 2047, Fourth Road, Hazelwood North, intends to operate 24 hours - 7 days per week with allowance for 30-40 days of maintenance per year.

“There is a lot of local interest and many community members have lodged submissions,” said EPA Approvals Director Richard Marks.

“The public submission period, which was extended to allow late submissions, has now closed and EPA will hold a community conference which will  enable  EPA to listen to and better understand, the views and concerns of the community and stakeholders,  help explain the works approval application, the assessment process and current status and discuss possible resolutions to matters raised in submissions.

“The conference will be independently chaired and a report will be prepared including recommendations to EPA Victoria for consideration in its assessment of the Works Approval Application.”

Please note that no final decision regarding the works approval application will be made at the conference.

Chunxing Used Lead Acid Battery Recycling Proposal Community Conference 
Date: 25 February 2020
Time: 6-9pm 
Venue: Churchill Hotel, 1 Balfour Place, Churchill VIC 3842
Registration for attendance is essential – please RSVP via email works.approvals@epa.vic.gov.au


Reviewed 11 February 2020