Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has received a Works Approval application from Western Region Water Corporation (WRWC).

WRWC is proposing to upgrade the Gisborne Recycled Water Plant situated in Haywood Drive, Gisborne, to increase capacity to service the growing population, improve treated water quality and reduce environmental impacts.

The proposal is for the installation of new technology and to increase the plant capacity to meet a service demand from 14,000 to 29,000 persons. The current Licence discharge limit is proposed to increase from 2.4ML/day to 3.5ML/day. This stage 1 upgrade would also reduce plant energy consumption and improve the quality of recycled water available from the plant. Further, on 1 July 2021, Western Water and City West Water will integrate to form a new water corporation – Greater Western Water. 

The full application can be viewed at https://engage.vic.gov.au/epa-works-approvals/western-water

For more information on the works approval process see EPA works approvals (publication 1523.2).


Reviewed 1 June 2021